Blocked Drains

Blocked DrainsTree roots are the most common cause of blocked drains in Newtown. Condensation that forms on the outside of sewer and stormwater pipes attracts tree roots. Over time the tree roots will tend to break through into sewer and stormwater pipes, and as the roots enter the pipes they will catch debris and cause a blocked drain.

Tree roots are often worse for drain pipes than a simple blockage. Even when the roots causing the blocked drain have been cleared by a plumber, the pipes will remain damaged where the tree roots broke through. The water that leaks out will attract further tree roots which may then enter the drain, eventually causing it to block again. When a pipe is broken by tree roots it also often creates a ‘lip’ that serves to catch material flushed down the drain, making it easier for the drain to become blocked. The only permanent solution for drains that continually become blocked by roots is a drain camera inspection to identify the problem section of pipe, and then to excavate and replace it.

Since most pipelines and drainage systems are located under ground or in areas of limited access, they are notoriously difficult to maintain and repair. The use of drain inspection cameras has made this task much easier than it used to be. 24 Seven Plumbing specialises in this area where a camera can be inserted in to drainage systems and pipelines to conduct a routine inspection or locate a problem.

Drainage and pipe inspection systems are made up from several components. A small CCTV camera, the rod which carries the camera, and a cable running back to the monitor. These cameras can be used to locate the problem, and to oversee cleaning and repair work.

When it comes to tree roots, it can be difficult to prevent problems from the roots of pre-existing trees. Having said this, after clearing a blocked drain your local plumber should be able to identify how far down the line the blockage occurred, and where the blockage was caused by tree roots, which tree or trees are likely to be the cause. In days of old when a pipe or drain became blocked or damaged, large areas of ground may have to be dug up to locate and assess the damage. But today CCTV camera systems are easily able to find and assess the scale of the problem before any excavation work needs to be done.

New trees should not be planted in the vicinity of your drain lines. If you are unsure exactly where your drains run, ask one of our plumbers. Before planting new trees it is also worth doing some research into which tree species will best for your garden and your drains. That small plant can very quickly becomes a big tree with an extensive root system that may cause blocked drains. Later removal can be costly, and in a lot of cases may be restricted by your local council.

Do you have a blocked drain that you can’t unblock yourself? Then call the experts at 24 Seven Plumbing who know all there is to know when it comes to being able to unblock blocked drains.

24 Seven Plumbing prides itself on being on hand for all your plumbing and drain emergencies. They understand the need to get the job done quickly, efficiently and correctly first time. Their high standard of workmanship means that you won’t be disappointment and you won’t have to worry about the job being done correctly. When the plumbers at 24 Seven Plumbing unblock your drain you can be sure of the outcome as we use the latest technology to locate and fix your blocked drains.